The Gant chart says so, so it must be right, Right? Well who really knows?

The interpretation of cumbersome and complex Gant Charts is confusing, frustrating and can lead to significant conflict and disputes at all levels of the project team and supply chain.

Fortunately there is a much better way of interpreting programs with the new digital technology of IPD tools and software, known as 4D.

4D Integrated Schedule Management – of Everything, In Real Time

Current technology via the use of digital engineering software enables interoperability between the programmers and the IPD Virtual Model, this is known as 4D.

The linking of the WBS activity information between the model and the programmers creates an accurate method for visual interpretation of the Gant Chart Schedule against linked images from the virtual construction model.

Advantages of 4D

  • Significantly reduces interpretation issues relative to complex Gant Charts.
  • Images of the current WBS activity are linked to the Gant Chart activities for ease of interpretation by all project stakeholders.
  • Schedule simulation forecasts can be generated with the virtual models 4D software.
  • Virtual 4D simulation highlights activity constraints, trade co-ordination/compression issues and critical path detours and schedule slippage.
  • Project Leaders are able to accurately analyse mitigation plans by manipulating the 4D virtual program simulations.
  • The 4D virtual program becomes a valuable and reliable schedule programing and forecasting tool.


  4D Schedule Video 




IPD Virtual Tracking and Logistics Control

The Virtual Construction Model can be implemented as robust tool to virtually control and track all stages of the Project Delivery.

Key attributes can be applied to each element of the Work Break down Structure. Some examples of tracking attributes follow,

  1. Design Drawings , IFC and AFC.
  2. Virtual Modelling and Detailed Workshop Drawings, IFC and AFC.
  3. Procurement and Category Management.
  4. Supply and Fabrication.
  5. Protective Coatings and associated activities.
  6. Transport to Site.
  7. Received on Site , Proof of Delivery.
  8. Installation.
  9. Commissioning.

Implemented and maintained correctly, the Virtual Construction Model becomes a fully Integrated Tool  that can be referred to and relied upon by all Project stakeholders.

IPD Materials Tracking Management System