The value and benefits to project control and execution are exponential.

Ever imagined one (1) virtual construction model and integrated DATA base shared collaboratively by all primary stake holders and supply chain vendors at all stages of the project delivery.

With IPD collaboration you don’t imagine this – its real!

IPD – What to Expect

  • From design development all the way through to construction and commissioning activities all parties have a vested interest in the process.
  • IPD eliminates the silo walls and barriers between data, information and project management.  Everyone collaborates. Everyone contributes.  There is only one central system.

Eliminate and mitigate:

  • Archaic Project Controls methods.
  • Internal project team conflict.
  • External vendor conflict and contractual disputes.
  • Client conflict and disputes.

Realise the certainty of:

  • Vendor Package Deliverables status
  • Schedule and sub activity status.
  • Comprehensive and accurate logistics controls

Enjoy the benefits of:

  • Improved communication.
  • Improved vendor relationships.
  • Improved Contract Administration and Package Management
  • Improved client relations.
  • Schedule certainty.
  • Commercial control and project efficiency savings.
  • User friendly 3D virtual construction modelling is a practically implemented system so every facet of the project can be seen at a glance.
  • Total project team collaboration via the Virtual 3d Design and Detailers Models, including the Client, Engineering, Procurement, Vendors, and Construction Stake Holders.
  • Adoption of a centralized DATA base material management system provides a disciplined platform for accurate reporting.
  • Concise data can be continually reviewed for the bulk of the materials , whilst the exceptions act as alerts for progress that has not been acted upon correctly .
  • Significant reduction of complicated and conflicting Excel “tracking spreadsheets” – everything is stored, managed and reported in a single cohesive system.
  • Data entry is slashed by 90% and ongoing information updates/reports are a thing of the past – everything is managed and handled in a central system.
  • Steel processors and fabricators are enabled to effectively use MRP systems and equipment that is compatible to CNC processing, significantly reducing traditional DATA entry functions.
  • All materials are tracked – from drawings to use on site, every nut, bolt and washer is tracked and accounted for.
  • Other disciplines that can be tracked, civil, electrical, instrumentation and all major equipment
  • Commissioning,maintenance and asset management activities can be effectively managed and controlled from the 3d model and central data base.
  • With a material management system in place the IPD methodology  provides the tools and the measurable ability to be totally accountable to key project participants.

Bar Coding Controls

  • All members and individual items of the build are barcoded.
  • Barcoding enables every item to be tracked as to its location and status at any time.
  • Bar-coding is a proven management tool that enables extremely fast and exact records of material movements.
  • Bar-coding enables very large amounts of material to be “sorted” (by packages, priorities, availabilities), coupled with the complete history through the Virtual Model database.
  • Standard reports can be generated using the main data base for all types of documentation including scopes of work for tender, procurement, delivery advice, quality control, RFI’s ,scheduling updates, work packages for fabrication, installation, commissioning and maintenance activities.