Avoid conflict, scope creep, schedule slippage and commercial disputes.

A vital key to realising the true value of early engagement and collaboration is ensuring the Design Engineer and Detailers share in the development of the design and virtual construction model.

How Early Engagement Benefits You

Front end collaboration during the design development, 3D modelling and 2D detailing phase has enormous commercial flow on benefits to the project execution schedule.

Valuable front end time is used to benefit the complete life cycle of the project.

Front end Professional team collaboration mitigates compression of time constraints on the manufacturing and construction activities.

Significant value and risk mitigation is realised when the engineer and steel detailers engage and collaborate directly early in the design development process.

Advantages of Early Detailer Engagement



  • Communication is significantly improved between the engineer and steel detailers with true and open collaboration.
  • Technical queries and RFI’s are resolved quickly in a controlled environment by eliminating the traditional commercial fire walls of embedding the shop drawings with the fabrication contractor.
  • Professional fee savings are realised by eliminating scope creep, change management and rework.
  • Commercial disputes in relation to deficient/ incomplete design documentation are significantly mitigated.
  • Accurate measurement of progress can be assessed by viewing the development of the virtual model.
  • Schedule slippage is mitigated by collaboration and overlapping activities between the engineer and detailer.
  • Accuracy in the Scope of work development is significantly improved using the virtual construction model, associated 2d shop drawings and material quantities for the Category Management and Request for Quotations.
  • It is a proven fact that vendor prices are more competitive when their commercial offers are based on accurate / firm quantities from the virtual model database.
  • Vendors are able to provide de-risk rated commercial offers by eliminating the design and detail co-ordination element from their scope of works.
  • Variation claims and extension of time claims are mitigated by contracting vendors to complete and accurately scoped design information.
  • Commercial disputes are significantly mitigated be the elimination of scope creep originating from incomplete and deficient design information.
  • Vendors progress claims are more open to accurate and tangible assessment derived from the status quantities in the virtual model and associated data base.
  • Multi-disciplined projects with significant volumes of steel, plate and piping, can be fully detailed and quantified. This large amount of engineered data can easily be applied to an established set of unit rates. Unit rates can then be used for all progress reporting of engineering, shop detailing, tendering, procurement, expediting, accounts payable, client monthly claims, and construction status.