About Us


Integrated Project Delivery Consultants are an integral service arm of  Steelink Industry Solutions 


Steelink Industry Solutions was founded by Karle Vogt in April 2008


  • Our origins and experience come from more than 25 years of contracting in the heavy Structural, Mechanical, Piping, Fabrication and Construction Industry.


  • During our time as fabricators and constructors we regularly identified a need for a ‘Client Side’ Project and Supply Chain Management Solution with specific expertise in major SMP Projects.


  • Our broad range of industry experience enables us to add significant value to Projects that could be as simple as a Portal Frame Shed or as complex as a Major Industrial Project  involving thousands of tonnes of multidisciplined SMP Equipment.


  • Over the past 10 years we have played a major role in some of Australia’s largest award winning Industrial, Commercial and Mining Infrastructure Projects.


  • Steelink now provide an extensive range of professional Project and Supply Chain Management solutions throughout Australasia.


  • We specialize in all aspects of Structural, Mechanical and Piping Project Management, Construction Management and Supply Chain Management.



Early engagement of our services is proven to add value and significantly de-rate the risks throughout the delivery of the project


Managing risk between our clients & the supply chain

Risk mitigation between chain vendors and our clients is always our primary focus.

Steelink’s approach to risk management is achieved with:

  • Safety risk management with robust control is first and foremost
  • Certainty of vendor quality and schedule compliance
  • Robust flow of information
  • Early detection and resolution of non-conformances
  • Facilitate the resolution of technical queries and design delays
  • Vendor relationship management and dispute mitigation
  • Production planning that is aligned accurately to the site construction program
  • Detailed forward construction management planning and accurate look aheads
  • Certified and experienced service providers
  • Objective and experienced advice
  • Reliable and consistent services
  • Reliable and accurate reports
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Port Pirie Acid Plant Construction 2017