Development of the Integrated Project Delivery Methodology and Project Controls

  • Facilitate and lead the conception and early development of the IPD Methodology.
  • Engage with the executive steering committee, project directors and project controls managers.
  • Document the principal method to be included in projects commercial instrument,procurement and quality management plan.

Development and integration of the Work Break down Structure (WBS) with the Project Delivery Leads

  • Facilitate the development of the WBS with the project directors and project controls management.
  • This is a critical item in any project and ultimately determines the extent and/or limitations of the project controls implemented as described below.
    • The Work Breakdown Structure provides a structural view into the project. It is an essential tool for planning and executing the project.
    • Each entity should use the WBS to define the work for the project and to develop the project’s schedule. 
    • The IPD methodology follows the same path and structure as the WBS thereby validating the projects unique coding providing factual data for the main disciplines.