Development and integration of the Vendors data entry tools

  • Facilitate the development, documentation and integration of the tracking sheets that are compatible with the WPS and defined work activity attributes.
  • Implement tracking sheets with vendors.

Development and integration of Bar Coding equipment and devices

  • Facilitate the establishment and maintenance of a semi-automated tracking system for all materials supplied for the construction works.
    • The intent is for the upkeep of a central data base of all inventories, that includes a standard classification nomenclature.
    • By way of electronic scanning of Mark Numbers coded on labels and adhered to project material, the data is uploaded to a central data base (an example of the data base is the Tekla Virtual Model software) for various report functions.
  • The benefits of such a system provides:
    • a disciplined approach to classifying all materials required for the project, which avoids duplication, enhances standardisation, and mitigates incorrect data record taking.
    • Predetermination of units of measure per item permits regulated methodology for standard progress reports, validation of data reports provided by all disciplines for not only scheduling but also cost control and payment verification (through regulated material breakdown structures)